The guitar - a symbol of hope

“Change is not a part of life, it is a way of living and you are the one making that change.”

In 1996 Rickard lost his sight and a hand in an explosion. With only three and a half fingers on his left hand and completely blind. He had to face life again. He made a choice: to have dreams. In his decision the guitar came in and it became a symbol of keeping his dreams alive.” But only I could find a new way to do it. No one else. In pain, with bleeding fingers I focused on the idea that I actualy could play music again."


One guitar and one hand. THREE FINGERS AND HALF A THUMB. This was the moment when Rickard 
stopped listening to the opinions of others. "I threw rationality aside, took the guitar and started my journey

back to music again", says Rickard.

Presentations by Rickard

From his own experience and practice Rickard shows people how our rational thinking often only brings us to a certaint point and we might feel limited by that. But have we really explored all our possibilities?What is true personal development and how do we deal with life challenges in all their forms? There are true benefits of being in the moment but how can we do that? What is heart intelligence? And how can we find balance between the constant working mind and the state of resting in silence?

In his presentations Rickard creates and overviews strategies within these fields that will help you achieve
your goals, Personal development, as well as psychological and behavioral insights to make you to succeed in
your area of life.

Resilience, power of determination, creativity, innovation, communication, these are all very crucial qualities you should gain and Rickard will show you how.

The music he personally writes and performs is often a part of his presentations- an expression of the
importance of keeping our dreams alive.

How to find your way?

How to find your way to your office without getting hit by the train, getting drenched in a hail storm and still reach there in time for that meeting?

Rickard´s home studio

Rickard´s home studio is humble, but it is a good start. All the mixing and final touch is outsourced. Let him invite you for a quick tour around my kingdom.

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