"Stop thinking what is possible and what isn´t. Rise in this moment and just do it. Then you will see what you are capable of."

About me

They say "Don't give up!" but I say "You do give up, give up a hundred times, if you want, but then, go on!"


My experience is how creativity can continue to be expressed even if it doesnt seem it is possible, just in ways you did not see yet. Book a concert here.

How I went on playing with only 3 fingers!

Motivational speech at the  youth agency Plusko.

Without limitations

In 1996 I was injured and lost my sight in an accident with explosives. Although I had many excuses to give up on life, I decided to continue finding my way. All that without limiting myself to thinking what is or what is not possible.

Creating  opportunities with the means we actually have

Based on my own experience I speak about how we can create opportunities from the means we actually have.
To reach our goals it does not always have to be the way we normally imagine. Maybe we do not try because we are afraid of losing or failing. But right in the moment of a challenge there is always a way to be found.

My lectures are for any groups that like to get inspired and motivated. I speak at companies, employees, students or organisations. My music is also a big part of my presentations.

More on Rickard's presentations

Although Rickard is visually impaired, he invites us to discover things our eyes normally do not allow us to see. To reach our goals and to achieve what we want does not always have to be the way we normaly imagine. Rickard inspires you to see further and leads you to discover your real abilities. Placing himself as an example he guides you to selfawareness and shows how you can progress forward even when the goal seems to have been lost.

Rickard teaches us how we can create opportunities with the means we actually have. Often we are not aware of them or dont consider them helpful. For example: How can you play the guitar if you only have four fingers? and is it possible to travel to India even if you are blind? .

The presentations are 30 minutes to 3 hours long and are made to suit the requests and needs of the coustomer.
Rickards presentations are for any groups that like to get inspired and motivated. He speaks for companies, directors, employees, students and organisations. His music is also a part of his presentations.

Rickard speaks about:

Personal development
Change management
Conflict resolution
Emotional intelligence


Satisfied customers:

Would you like to get inspired? Turn Your Event into a true inspirational Experience by booking a great motivational speaker. Rickard Persson not only inspires and ignites but shows how to maintain and sustain the inner drive to achieve and succeed with your goals.


“Rickard shows us what is possible to achieve and how we can learn so much more about ourselves. A very inspiring message and even the dramatic part in the story when he brings a great deal of humor into it”

"A very touching story but most of all the inspiring message of what we can achieve with the power of wil.l"

“If you ask me what is will power, I will show you Rickards story. Listening to his speech made me realize how much I can do. How able I am and what potential is hiding within me.”

„In March 2018 Rickard was the Keynote speaker in one my events. Words fail to describe the impact he made on the audience. A mixture of words, music and silence all drenched by the feelings of the experience he made as boy. His presentation helped the audience to introspect on what is important, to value and change their lives for the better.

I very much recommend Rickard as a speaker. „