Rickard only has three and a half fingers but that doesn´t stop him from writing and performing his music with a message of perseverance.

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The guitar as a symbol of hope

The guitar as a symbol of hope

Rickard Persson is a Swedish musician and composer known for his unique style of playing the guitar with only one hand. His expressive voice and diverse range of musical influences make him a versatile artist with a message of perseverance. After facing great challenges in his earlier life, music became even more important to Rickard as a means of aiming and not giving up. 

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Rickard Persson - The Way (official music video)

Rickard´s style

Rickard's vocal style is characterized by its expressiveness and emotion, and he has developed a technique that allows him to express himself in a unique way. In addition to his vocal skills, Rickard is also a multi-instrumentalist who is proficient in harmonizing, arranging, and writing melodies and lyrics. He is known for being authentic and wearing his heart on his sleeve in his performances. Booking...

Motivational speaker and educator Rickard Persson

In addition to his work as a musician, Rickard is also a motivational speaker who inspires others to pursue their passions and never give up. He shares his message through his music and his performances, and is available for speaking engagements.

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